Private Equity

MSP actively works with over a dozen of the world’s most respected private equity firms to satisfy limited partner expectations, preserve and enhance reputation, and increase returns. Our success in serving private equity means that MSP is an expert in transactional advisory, high return on hassle, operational engagement, and investor relationships. Working with your firm, our services will be tailored to provide the right coverage of:


Institutional investors are asking their fund managers for greater ESG capabilities than ever before. Most funds heading to market in today’s climate can expect to receive ESG questions in Due Diligence Questionnaires (DDQs) and, potentially, be requested to sign an ESG side letter. Satisfying these investors means going to market with the confidence to answer ESG questions and sharing plans for future ESG commitments. MSP arms your investor relations team with the tools it needs to ensure a successful fundraise and reporting to satisfy investors over the life of the fund.

Due Diligence

Higher multiples and larger equity checks means that missing on deal diligence is not an option for your firm. A greater range of environmental, social, and governance issues that can materially affect a company’s bottom-line means that ESG diligence isn’t just a tool to satisfy your investors. Proactively identifying ESG risks helps you choose the right price for the deal and keeps your company out of negative headlines.


Beta return boosted private equity through the booms of the 1980’s and 2000’s. Today, you almost certainly have to generate greater alpha return to hit the IRR that entices your investors to invest in future funds. You already have a playbook for growth and efficiency, why not work with MSP to make tactical resource efficiency and risk mitigation another tool in that playbook.
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Public markets and strategic acquirers have never had higher expectations for a company’s ESG policies and practices. Verifying this for your buyers with sell-side ESG diligence helps speed up deals; communicating the positive ESG steps you’ve taken helps seal those deals.